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Don’t pay more for a Longboard Land Paddle that slips, when you can pay less for a better grip!


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The sk8pole longboard land paddle is an innovative product which was developed over several years of testing.

It takes the Stand Up Paddling (SUP) craze to the streets.  The sport has many names; Land paddling, Longboard Land Paddle, StreetSUP, Street Paddle, sk8poling, Street Sweeping, etc.  I have many friendly competitors; Hamboards, Kahuna Creations (Big Stick) , Beach Mountain etc.  They all make good products but the classic sk8pole sends the sport into a new generation.

The ultra-light weight, adjustable length pole, and the multi-directional, shock absorbing tip sets this product in a class by itself.  The innovative patented rubber pusher tip maintains 100% ground contact throughout the entire push motion creating maximum speed.  You can literally skate for miles without ever touching the ground with your foot.  Also, the combination of kicking, pumping and sk8poling will give you a workout, and cover distances you never imagined.

We consider it to be the ultimate commuter pole.  Perfect for kids, college campuses, or adults looking for a fun workout. The adjustable length makes it convenient to strap it to you back pack and carry into class or work.  Consistent use may cause your abs to become incredibly ripped.

  • Three sectional light weight aluminum pole reduces to 33 inches and extends to 6 feet 4 inches
  • Multi-directional soft rubber tip maintains 100% ground contact (no slip).
  • Textured ball hand grip allows for perfect hand placement on every stoke.


The sk8pole was developed over several years of improving and testing to bring  the best land paddling experience to ALL ages and ALL sizes.

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Browse our photo gallery of kids, teens, and adults having their Sk8pole fun!   Don’t pay more to slip when you can pay less for a better grip!

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We’re engineers who love to land paddle! We’ve identified and solved all the frustrating problems with other land paddles!

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