Land Paddles

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  • Sk8pole Land Paddle


    The Sk8pole Land Paddle is a 3 section light weight (1.8lbs) aluminum pole that reduces to 33 inches and extends to 6’ 4”. The Land Paddle multi-directional rubber pusher tip maintains 100% ground contact throughout the entire push motion. The weight is evenly distributed–not heavy on the bottom end. Three section collapsibility makes it easy to transport. Don't pay more for a Land Paddle that slips, when you can pay less for a better grip!

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  • Replacement Sk8pole Rubber Pusher Tips


    Replacement Rubber Pusher Tip for the Sk8pole Land Paddle.

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  • Sk8pole Land Paddle Clips (pair)


    Pair of clips to attach the Sk8pole Land Paddle to the Sk8pole Wideboard. (Land Paddle and Wideboard sold separately).

    The Sk8pole land paddle may be used as a handle for carrying the SPUD, JUVEE and SPEAR Wideboards, but it is not recommended for carrying the larger-sized CRUISER Wideboard. The clips can be used for storing the Sk8pole Land Paddle on all Sk8pole Wideboards.

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